sabato 27 agosto 2016


 Hello my dear friends, I'm so happy to show you  something new today.
I made  a new wonderful color of linen that I called AQUA!!!
It's a really such a sweet color!!!  Can hardly wait to use it for some new projects.
32ct Aqua linen  and is already available in pieces of 50 cm x 50 cm ( 20"x 20") on my Etsy shop and on my new website:
have a splendid creative day my friends. Keep on Stitching 
                                                                                                                                                 xxx Niky.
Care amiche oggi sono felice di mostrarvi un nuovo colore di lino che ho relizzato davvero con grande piacere. Questo splendido colore l'ho chiamato AQUA e lo potete trovare sul mio sito cliccando sopra questo link
felice giornata creativa a tutti.
                                                                                  xxx Niky.

martedì 16 agosto 2016


During my trip in Wales and England I found such beautiful things, I'm trying to use them to create something special. 
So with this beautiful old style english  paper I made those lovely scissors cases! 
Aren't they adorable??? I sew soft silk ribbon on them in order to hang!!! you cannot miss this very sweet scissors case in your sewing basket. 
If you are interested in them please go on  my etsy shop here the link:
..or on my website

have a happy creative day my dear friends!                xxx Niky

Care amiche, durante il mio recente viaggio in Galles e Enghliterra ho acquistato della carta inglese davvero speciale e ho pensato di utilizzarla per creare dei porta forbici.
 Vi ho cucito del nastro di seta in modo che si possano appendere  è talmente delicato che orna così bene questo delizoso manufatto.
Se siete interessati ad acquistare questi porta forbici li potete trovare sia cliccando sul mio sito qui sotto:
oppure sul mio negozio etsy cliccando sul link qui sotto:
Felice giornata creativa a tutti!             xxx Niky.

mercoledì 10 agosto 2016


Hello my friends, Summer is going on very well here on lago Maggiore! We are having such beautiful sunny days!!! Perfect days for dyeing my fabric, so here the results of my dyeing...four new beautiful colors of 32ct linen. 
You can have cut of 50 cm x 50 cm which is 202 x 20" . Lovely colors for Primitive Projects...
If you like  them please visit my website www.nikyscreations or if you want here the direct link
Hope you like my linen, is a very soft and regular pure italian linen , just  a treasure... 
so that's my new for today...until next time my dears...keep on stitching.
                                                              xxx Niky.

venerdì 29 luglio 2016


Hello my dear friends, I'm so proud to show you something really new, I hope you like it. This is the second fabric designed by me from STITCHER COLLECTION.  This pretty little girl holding  a sewing basket and a needle 'll be perfect for your finishing. Colors are so soft and prim you're going to love it ...I hope.
That is the second of the series Stitcher Collection I guess you remember the first one with the little roses.
If you're interested in 'The girl' fabric please click here
If you're intertested in the one with the little roses click here 
Both of them are available for now , but hurry... everybody wants them!!!
See you soon my dear friends..keep on stitching!
                                                                                       xxx Niky.

venerdì 22 luglio 2016


Hello my dear friends, I'm so happy at this time!!! I've been with my family to our son Cesare's degree in Wales. We had such wonderful time!!! Wales is so beautiful and we're so proud of our son!!! Well, I visited a little bit around and had the chance to meet my dear friend Michael Powel, the very famous cross stitch designer, he was so kind to show me Cardiff and some places around.
 I've to tell you I always love England so much!!!
So here some pictures ..enjoy!!! ..and stay tuned... more news are coming soon.
Keep on stitching                                     xxxNiky.

lunedì 11 luglio 2016


 Hello my dear friends, I'm so happy to show you some of my new colors of linen, they really so soft and special for our primitive projects!!! 
All of them are on 32ct and you can have four different colors: ANTIQUE PINK, PURPLE, STEEL, LIGHT BROWN. Aren't the so sweet? I've put them on my Etsy shop but...hurry because they are really in a limited edition.
Enjoy your day my dears and HAPPY STITCHING ...
                                                    xxx Niky.

....and I've some news for you about my Etsy shop, I'm doing a project called CHRISTMAS IN JULY and I put all the charts you see there with  10% discount until 20th of July. 
Please only charts not handmades or fabric.
 As soon as you buy you'll have the option to enter a discount code: STITCHINGHAPPYINJULY and you'll get immediately 10% of discount.....
Do not loose that chance, Click here...Keep on stitching...
 xxx Niky.

lunedì 27 giugno 2016


Hello my dear friends, it's been long time  without updating my blog indeed....but it's a very busy time here!!! 
So many orders to set, and many projects in my head!!! 
But  I want to share this new with you today
Do you like this sewing basket?...yes..??? well you can make it , just click on m y ETSY shop and have the chart together a detailed finishing instructions. So easy and quick to make you cannot miss it. Stitched on my Old England linen you can find HERE  you'll have a very old looking...
                                               Keep on Stitching xxx Niky.